Our world is changing and so is the way we do business. Companies that embrace technology move further, faster. The ones that don’t lag behind. At Colleagues we develop the systems that help you stay in front of the pack.

Formed in 2005, Colleagues Information Solutions is a digital solution provider based in Perth, Western Australia. Our mission is to develop better ways for our clients to collect, manage and make use of their data. We achieve this by providing a range of business solutions, from the award-winning PenMatrix system to MobileMatrix Tablet technology and the Matrix Online Portal.

Colleagues Information Solutions provide digital solutions to businesses all over the world. We work with businesses of all sizes, from local government, multinationals, small businesses and franchises to not-for-profit groups. We can work with you to create a solution that is as unique as your business.

We strongly believe that business data has profound value. It drives your team and the projects you undertake. It’s the catalyst for countless business decisions. But if you’re wasting time on redundant tasks, like double-entering data, scanning or faxing documents, you are devaluing it exponentially. Perhaps it’s time to go digital?

Colleagues can tailor a solution that will save you time, streamline your workflow and save you money. Want to know more about our digital information solutions? Get in touch.

Our strategic partners
  • Anoto

    Anoto Group AB is a pioneering leader of digital pen and paper technology. Colleagues is proud to have a strong association with Anoto and is currently recognised as an Anoto Gold Partner. This reflects the scale of our business, the depth of our Digital Pen expertise and the quality of our data-capture solutions. 


  • PPMP

    PPMP practice management systems are currently used by more physio practices than all other applications combined. PPMP is used by many medical specialists, psychologists, podiatrists, chiropractors, osteopaths, myotherapists and dentists. PPMP is the most powerful application of its type, yet the easiest and most intuitive to use! PPMP has partnered with Colleagues to provide a digital note taking capability for PhysioNotes™ that integrates seamlessly into PPMP‘s software.

    Take a look at the PPMP video


  • Vision Objects

    Vision Object develops best-in-class handwriting recognition technology for a range of professional applications. Colleagues is proud to be a Vision Object Gold Partner.

    Vision Objects

  • Zutec

    ZuTec is a secure, Internet-based system that provides online access to building information over the course of the construction lifecycle. Our partnership has enabled us to develop our digital solutions to integrate with the ZuTec system.


  • Optus

As one of the largest telecommunications companies in Australia, Optus works with a number of providers to develop solutions that will aid the ICT needs of their business and enterprise customers. To achieve this they have partnered with Colleagues (through the Business Mobility Solutions scheme) to provide Digital Pen and Tablet services that transmit via the Optus mobile network. Optus provides further information about the partnership on their website.


  • IBM

    Synonymous with computing advancement for the last 100 years, IBM is a global technology and innovation company. Working closely with business partners like Colleagues, IBM delivers solutions to organisations of all sizes which help those organisations achieve a competitive edge. Currently Colleagues is an IBM Business Partner with both SAFE and Health Industry Framework validation.solutions.

    Press release (PDF) 16 December 2010


  • BlackBerry RIM

    Developed by Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM), the BlackBerry® range of smartphones and mobile devices provides superior performance for mobile developers.

    Colleagues is a BlackBerry Alliance Partner, which allows us to develop solutions on this robust platform.

    BlackBerry RIM

  • AllPest
  • Bass Coast Shire Council
  • Broad Construction
  • APM Construction
  • Broadlex
  • Brookfield Multiplex
  • BuildCorpCommercial
  • City of Kalgoorlie
  • Cockram Construction
  • Copyworld
  • Fremantle Hospital
  • Fire and Safety Industries
  • Liftronic
  • Penrith City Council
  • Shoalhaven Water
  • It is clever stuff with huge benefits in terms of cost, process, security and compliance. This all adds up to a reduction in errors and savings in staff time and costs. Allowing a streamlined, more effective approach to food inspections without any staff re-training or changes to our working processes...sounds good to us!

    Graham Paterson  -  Community Safety
    Bass Shire Coast