Smoke Alarms

Brisbane, QLD

Smoke Alarm Solutions (SAS), a Brisbane based smoke alarm inspection company are pioneers in their industry and have been providing service since legislation was introduced in 2007.

An industry leader, with over 180,000 customers, SAS continually strive to improve their service, and to provide customers with significant benefits to make their job easier. After working with Colleagues Information Solutions, Smoke Alarm Solutions was delighted to announce a revolution - digital pen technology to improve their service standards.

Technicians now use a Matrix Digital Pen, provided by CIS, to complete all Work Orders and in turn Compliance Reports. The pen is used to submit handwritten inspection reports and drawings back to the office. This means that customers receive their Compliance Reports by email within 24 hours of the job being completed.

Over 1000 inspection forms are submitted each day.

“When they inspect a property they have their job sheet and from the time they tick ‘start’ every bit of ink that goes on that page until the moment they hit ‘send’ at the bottom is recorded, and it all appears on the screen in our office” says Nick Ball from Smoke Alarm Solutions.


Ease of use

Technicians do not require any specialist training – as Nick Ball, Smoke Alarm Solutions Logistics and Technology Manager said “with the digital pen they just have to write on a piece of paper – and everyone knows how to write”.

Improved process

Smoke Alarm Solutions’ technicians operate in locations throughout Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. The old system required them to send their completed reports by fax or scan back to the office each evening. Using Matrix and their mobile phone technicians now submit reports as they are completed. No delays and no lost forms.

Improved customer service

Customers are now able to receive their Compliance Report within 24 hours of their property having been inspected.

Case Studies