At Colleagues, we believe nothing is more important than your business data.

Not only does it drive your team and the projects you undertake, it’s also the catalyst for change within your organisation. If you scan, fax and double enter data, you are wasting time and money.

Our team has developed tools that help capture data quickly and efficiently. Using our digital pen and tablet technology, Colleagues simply converts your paper forms and documents currently in use to digital format. Your process stays the same but the data gathered is instantly captured, stored and managed digitally.

Capturing your business data is essential, and going digital makes business sense.

We can help make the most of your business data. Get in touch to discuss a tailored solution or read more about our digital pen and tablet technology solutions.

Benefits of Colleagues Data Capture:

  • Simple data capture.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Increases data quality.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Instantly records what is written.
  • You can access data regardless of location.
  • Cost-effective solutions.
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  • Familiar tools mean minimal retraining.
  • Data-capturing capability inbuilt.
  • Secure handling of your data.
  • Bluetooth or USB sync.
  • Capture signatures and handwriting.
  • Automated version control.
  • Complete forms onsite and sync later.
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