Dreaming of a paperless office? If you currently use paper-based forms in your business, converting to a digital process is well within your grasp. Colleagues MobileMatrix Tablet technology can set you free.


Users complete a digital form directly on the Tablet’s screen using a pen-like stylus or keyboard. All information is saved and handwriting is converted to machine-readable text as you write. Forms can be completed online or off (Internet access is not required).


All information captured by MobileMatrix is uploaded to the host server. This process can be performed onsite via 3G or back in the office via the web.


Information collected by MobileMatrix is converted to PDF format and can be integrated into the powerful Matrix Online Portal database and workflow system.

Are you thinking about making the move to Tablet technology? If your team performs any tasks via paper-based forms, switching to Colleagues MobileMatrix will save you time and money. MobileMatrix for Tablet PC is a convenient and easy-to-use data collection system for your business.

Embracing Tablet technology

Our MobileMatrix Tabllet software has been designed to take advantage of the advanced handwriting recognition software and special display screen that comes standard with the latest Android and Windows tablets.

Just like pen and paper

If your team completes standard paper forms using a pen, they will find our MobileMatrix solution an easy switch. Colleagues MobileMatrix for Tablet PC succeeds in bringing the natural pen-on-paper interface to a digital device, which means minimal retraining and faster adoption.

Using a pen-like stylus, your team can easily complete a digital version of any form by writing on the Tablet’s special digitiser screen. Anything that is written will be instantly captured, verified, stored and converted.

Online and off

Your team can complete forms at any time, regardless of whether or not they have an Internet connection. All data recorded and sent by the MobileMatrix is protected by 448-bit encryption and can be accessed and audited at any time.

If your business currently collects information on paper forms or manually enters data, using Colleagues MobileMatrix will streamline your workflow. Contact us today to find out more.


  • Easy data capture.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Increases data quality.
  • The data-capture platform is scalable.
  • Instant access to the Matrix Online Portal.
  • Integrates with legacy systems.


  • Complete a form regardless of Internet connection.
  • Capture signatures.
  • Batch submit completed forms to the Matrix Online Portal.
  • Uses a stylus or keyboard.
  • Handwriting conversion of stylus-captured data.
  • Access the Matrix Online Portal to see submitted forms and full reporting.
  • Automated and centralised form version control.
  • Access control.
  • Image attachment.
  • Supports multiple custom form types and multiple ongoing form instances.
  • A familiar tool with extra functionality.
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