Capturing your business data is only the first step. Your organisation needs to be able to act on the information you collect. Colleagues has developed tools that will help you do just that.

Every project includes information that is critical to its success. More often than not this information needs to be shared quickly, easily and securely with a variety of stakeholders. Colleagues Data Management solutions make this as simple as pressing a button.

We’ve developed a number of customisable data management solutions that help you collate, store and share information anywhere and any time.

Want to know more? Read about our Matrix Online Portal and Reporting solutions, or contact us to speak to a team member.

Benefits of Colleagues Data Management:

  • Improves workflow.
  • Automated data management increases productivity.
  • No security concerns.
  • Enables stakeholders to make decisions quickly.
  • Creates a single place to store information.
  • Can be accessed by anyone, regardless of location.
  • No loss of valuable data.
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  • Simple and easy–to-use interface.
  • You can instantly review all information captured by PenMatrix or MobileMatrix devices.
  • You can create reports on the fly.
  • You can summarise data quickly and easily.
  • Fully branded for your business.
  • You can send information directly to stakeholders.
  • Export data to PDF, csv or xml.
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