Working behind the scenes, the Matrix Online Portal is the true powerhouse of our digital solutions. This robust system provides an at-a-glance insight into the overall status of your project.

Need instant access to data collected onsite? The Matrix Online Portal provides centralised reporting for your project. When a PenMatrix Digital Pen or MobileMatrix Tablet is synced, all data captured by your team is instantly uploaded to the system using 448-bit encryption..

The real-time insights that the Matrix Online Portal provides will enhance the management of your project by:

  • increasing productivity;
  • increasing accountability;
  • simplifying information management.

Live statistics

Accurate, up-to-date information is integral for the success of any project. The Matrix Online Portal provides all the information you need to get a true picture of your project’s status.

When an onsite team completes their scheduled tasks, the management team can see their progress, regardless of location.

All-in-one dashboard

For project managers, the Matrix Online Portal provides all the information you need to know. Team management – including assigning tasks, task review and worksheets – can be managed within the portal. Managers can also provide critical project data such as photographs, schematics or drawings to your team, onsite, instantly.

The dashboard contains a number of predefined performance metrics, including a visual project summary bar, subcontractor status, defect progress, defect analysis, activity logs and ‘to close’ activity. All information contained on the dashboard can be displayed in table form or a range of dynamic graphing options.

Want to know more about the Matrix Online Portal? Contact our team for information.


  • Instantly review all information captured by PenMatrix or MobileMatrix devices.
  • Clean, simple user interface.
  • Dashboard provides a business data snapshot.
  • Drill down for detailed information.
  • Manually add new forms
  • View all information in table or graph format.
  • Export information to PDF, csv or xml
  • Alerts managers to any potential business problems.
  • Ability to audit and reconcile original handwritten data.
  • High-level encryption.