Projects produce a lot of information, from team performance and project schedules to cost data. The success of your project relies on being able to analyse and make practical use of this information. Colleagues Reporting Module can help.

Our system displays the information you need, fast. Together with the Matrix Online Portal, our Reporting Module provides clients with instant information-management capabilities. Team members can login and access relevant collated information measured against automated KPIs or ad hoc reports based on any captured data. You determine the information that you need to see.

Instant access to information – wherever you are

Reports generated by the Matrix Online Portal can be delivered to multiple locations with the press of a button. Project managers can disseminate a range of reports including defect/issue snapshots, user KPIs, checklists and schedules anywhere in the world, whenever they’re required.

Immediate access to this level of information provides your business with unprecedented transparency and accountability. It also enables senior management to proactively measure performance and success in real time.

Tailored solutions

Every business is different and so is the project data that you need. Colleagues is happy to develop a range of reports specific to your project and industry. In the past we’ve created ad hoc reports for businesses within the following fields:

  • Local Government
  • Healthcare
  • Financial
  • Sales
  • Maintenance.

Reports like those created with Colleagues Reporting Module allow managers to quickly act on a project’s captured data. Quick action means that projects move faster and more efficiently, saving your organisation time and money. Would you like to learn more about Colleagues Reporting Module? Contact our team today.


  • Easily create a range of reports on the fly.
  • Provide a comprehensive summary of captured data.
  • Fully branded for your business.
  • Create as many reports as you need.
  • Reports can be sent directly to stakeholders.
  • Customise data visualisation to suit your needs.
  • Ad hoc reports can be tailored to your needs.