Local Government needs the efficient exchange and management of data to carry out day-to-day activities and to plan for the future. The only way to achieve this is by using the right tools.

Our Local Government solutions have been devised to significantly reduce manual administrative tasks (like filing, scanning and faxing) by replacing paper-based systems with a digital process.

How the Colleagues solution works:

  1. Users complete a form employing the Colleagues digital pen or tablet. Any data entered is captured, stored and saved.
  2. All captured data is uploaded to the host server. This can be done via secure Bluetooth or a USB docking station.
  3. Information that’s collected is converted into PDF format and can be integrated into an existing document-management system.

The Colleagues Local Government solution has been developed to integrate with existing ERP systems including Pathways, TRIM, Proclaim and Civica Authority.

A number of local governments around Australia are using our solutions for a range of compliance-related applications, including:

  • pool, food and building inspections
  • waste management audits
  • parking infringements
  • abandoned vehicle incidents
  • improvement notices.

Colleagues Local Government solutions will fit seamlessly into your current workflow with minimal changes to management and training.

The Colleagues PenMatrix solution will change your organisation. Want to see the system in action? Contact us to organise a special in-house demonstration with one of our experts.